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Here’s some tips on how to get the most out of your mini kaleidoscope. Watch the video or read the description.

To get the best ever-changing patterns from your kaleidoscope hold it so that the little bottle at the end lies on its side so all the colourful bits can freely jumble and mix as you turn the crystal covered lid to make the bottle spin.

For extra sparkles and bright colours use it outside in the sunshine or hold it up to a lamp or a torch indoors.

If you wear glasses you should be able to take them off and still be able to focus on the patterns due to the optical lens inside. That way you can get your eye all the way up to the viewing hole and immerse yourself into the kaleidoscopic worlds.

Cleaning instructions:

If dirt or dust gathers on the glass panel that’s right behind the little bottle you can unscrew it from its metal lid and slide the bottle out. The lid will stay in place and you can now access the glass panel for cleaning.

Spray a tiny bit of glass cleaner onto a lint free cloth and clean all the glass on the kaleidoscope. Don’t spray directly onto the kaleidoscope to avoid excess seeping into the seams and fogging up the interior chamber. Keep away from water for the same reason.

To reassemble: screw the bottle back into its lid. Make sure it’s aligned straight and screws in tightly all the way.

Kaleidoscope care instructions: About Us
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