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Fairy House #1

Fairy House #1

This little fairy playhouse features pink, white and transparent glass, some of which has an iridescent rainbow sheen as it reflects the light back. There's little daisies growing on the front lawn and a small crystal charm dangles over the entrance.


Decorate it with flowers that you pick on your walks. There's small loops to hold them in place as an offering to the fairies.


Ideal for kids that love to use their imagination. Intended for calm, respectful play. This is obviously not an action toy. :) There are small parts that could get torn off and swallowed so not suitable for  children under 3.


The artisan glass colours are carefully selected, then handcut and soldered together using the classic Tiffany stained glass technique. Made from glass, leadfree solder (tin & silver) and charms from recycled jewellery.


Each of my fairy houses is entirely unique in the world.

Size: 14 cm tall and 8 x 11 cm wide


    Can be placed indoors or outdoors. When selecting an outdoors location be mindful of wind gusts that the area could be exposed to. 


    I ship at least once a week. The packaging I use is recycled bubblewrap and cardboard in an effort to reduce waste.

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