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Butterfly #1

Butterfly #1

Butterflies are a powerful symbol for transformation, change and spiritual rebirth.


Hang in a bright window to make the artisan glass colours stand out.

This butterfly features: Iridescent white, marbled iridescent burgundy/purple as well as yellow.

Swipe through for the video to see the iridescent colours in action.


The artisan glass is carefully selected, handcut and soldered using the Tiffany technique. 


Size: 25 x 19 cm


    Can be hung indoors or outdoors. When selecting a place to hang be mindful of wind gusts that the area could be exposed to and hard objects such as walls/windows that the item could swing into and cause damage to (or damage to itself).


    I ship at least once a week. The packaging I use is recycled bubblewrap and cardboard in an effort to reduce waste.

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